Foie Gras Discovery Gift Box
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Foie Gras Discovery Gift Box


Our team curated this box to discover a French discovery experience of Foie Gras. Chutneys, Champagne Jelly, and Marine Salt will elevate your tasting experience.

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How to experience this box?

The Foie Gras is a very delicate and gourmet product. This gastronomic experience is designed to enhance the flavours with a selection of products imported straight from France. Your French Foie Gras experience is going to be revealed. 

What is Foie Gras

Foie Gras is essentially goose or duck liver. The name refers to 'fatty liver' in French. Its origins go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, who noticed their geese would eat big amounts of food during the winter, which resulted in their livers expanding. The Egyptians soon started eating goose liver, bridging it with them on the way as sustenance on their trips down the Nile River.

Ultimately, Foie Gras became more mainstream when French chef Jean-Pierre Clause refreshed the recipe and perfected it into a royal dish. Foie gras went from obscure to renowned throughout Europe, becoming a favourite of artists, including Alexander Dumas and Italian composer Rossini. The King of France, Louis XVI, once declared Foie Gras as "The Dish of Kings."

Before to start

Ensure you have kept the Foie Gras and the chutney in the fridge to preserve all the aroma. When you want to use them, don't forget to let them out of the fridge an hour before starting to have them at room temperature. 

Eaten the Foie Gras too cold or too hot, the Foie Gras will tend to alter some of its flavours. 

How to taste Foie Gras - the French way

After removing the top and bottom lid, push the block of Foie Gras on a plate. Cut it into thick slices. Not too thin but not too thick either. The ideal width is 1cm or 0.5' inches. French Foie Gras connoisseur uses a specific knife or Foie Gras cutting wire to offer the guests the nicest slices. We also recommend you dip the knife into some hot water since it will help make a clear cut instead of deconstructing the foie gras into little pieces. 

It can be enjoyed on its own, on a slice of the artisan gingerbread. If you like it crisp, you can toast it before but wait a few minutes before putting the Foie Gras on it. The gingerbread spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg will give more power to the delicate taste of Foie Gras. 

You should drop a teaspoon of Fig or Onion Chutney on the top to create a perfect combination. Another possibility is to replace the chutney with the Saffron Champagne  Jelly, which will bring the festiveness of champagne with the ethnic taste of saffron together. A gourmet combination like you have never tasted before. 

Then, add a pinch of Fleur de Sel (salt), which will enhance every single flavour of every single of the products you've used. It will reveal the taste of the Espelette pepper Foie Gras, redefine the gingerbread's uniqueness, and highlight the delicateness of the champagne jelly

You are now ready to experience the gourmet Foie Gras Box the French way. You can taste it again with the combination that you prefer. 

How to keep it after opening?

All the chutneys and jelly can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks. The Foie Gras and the gingerbread will need to be consumed within a couple of days after opening.