French Sweets Gift Box
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French Sweets Gift Box

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This box contains tasty French sweets from Brittany and the South of France. Enjoy a taste of France with Nougat, Calisson, Fruit Jelly, Salted Caramel, and authentic Cookies from Brittany.

What is inside?

This box contains tasty French bites from Brittany and the South of France. Enjoy a taste of France at tea time, with Nougat, Calisson, Salted Caramel, and authentic Cookies from Brittany.

How to taste this box?

France is known for its high-class gastronomy and specifically for its pastries and baked goods. French pastries are characterized by being particularly sophisticated and unique. It is considered to be a confection of art that follows stringent baking rules, science-like. Here are all the key steps to have the best French Sweets experience.

Before to start

Unlike our other themed boxes, this box contains products that are not meant to be necessarily associated together at the same time. Instead, you will want to enjoy them separately to appreciate their uniqueness and flavour specificities.

Make sure to not keep those sweets in the fridge but rather in a room-temperature environment. Storing them in the fridge will make them too hard and take away the caramel's tenderness, Calisson or even fruit jelly candies.

How to taste our sweets - the French way

First, you should try the Calisson Candies, this delicious treat from Provence. Most French people enjoy this candy after lunch with an espresso, adding a little sweet touch to end the meal on a good note. Coffee will enhance the taste of the almonds that otherwise can be less noticeable.

Second, the Caramel candies, iconic french sweets that everyone loves to hate because of their stickiness between the teeth. It contains what France does best: butter and fleur de sel AOP. They can be eaten after a meal with an espresso or cup of tea or as a little "forbidden snack" throughout the day. Shhh, don't tell anyone.

The Chocolate Palets Bretons and Thin Galettes Bretonnes seem simple but are actually the most sophisticated biscuits you will find. They are treats often appreciated after lunch, for breakfast or given to children for their 4 o'clock snack. These french cookies are better appreciated with a glass of cold milk, which will prevent the biscuit's dryness and instead let it melt in one's palate and enjoy all the buttery taste of it.

The Fruits Jelly candies are unique treats that will bring together the freshness of fruits with a pastry's sweetness. Because they are very sweet-tasting, we advise you to indulge in only one or two; otherwise, you might end up regretting it after and turn your back on the rest of the box. These fruit jelly candies are perfect as a snack in the office or a little sweet to add to your children's lunch box to make sure they get their necessary sugar boost of the day. We recommend eating them on their own without any beverage that might alter the subtle taste of the fruits. Give those fruit jellies your full attention!

Finally, last but not least, the Sweet Nougat Bar. This latter is probably the most addictive of all of our sweets. The nougat bar should be cut into little pieces and eaten one by one. Don't eat those as if it were a Granola bar. Instead, they are meant to be eaten by little bits, tea, espresso, or other warm drinks. The latter will contribute to the softness of the Nougat and highlight the taste of the almonds. We recommend you to taste the Nougat at the end of a meal, with post-dinner liquor such as Cognac or Armagnac, which will be the perfect last tasteful component of your dinner.  You will impress your guests with a bite of Nougat to end the festivities of your dinner.

How to keep it after opening?

All these sweets can be stored for months as long as they are kept in a dry location. Thus, this sweet box will ensure you have sophisticated and unique sweet breaks for you and your guests for months to come!

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Good variety

Delicious variety of sweets

Danielle S.
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The curated box of sweets are excellent.

The product is top-notch and they make an excellent gift. The thing that annoys me about ordering your product is that if you send it someone the receiver has no idea who sent the gift. So in order to make sure that the gift arrived the sender has to investigate whether the parcel arrived or not. It would be nicer to be able to send a message with the parcel and have the receiver notify the sender instead.

Naomi L.
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Quality products

Awesome and delivered really fast

Canada Canada
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Great diversity of product

Good products of France

Pascal M.
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l'ensemble des sucreries étaient tout simplement délicieux. Nos préférés étaient surtout les caramels au beurre salés, les biscuits fins au beurre et les palets bretons. Le nougat un pure délice, et les calissons, une petite merveille. la pâte de fruit, bien tendre et les fruits, très reconnaissable. Bref, une expérience gustative et sucrée, très réussie. Merci

Canada Canada