Fleur De Sel (Salt)
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Fleur De Sel (Salt)

Fleur de Sel is the gastronomic salt 'par excellence'.
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Fleur de Sel is the gastronomic salt 'par excellence'. Known for its brilliant and fine crystals, the color of the light white clouds of the islands, it is delicately "picked" from the surface of the salt marshes.

Fleur de sel (pronounced "flure-de-SELL") is a rare and premium form of sea salt that is harvested in parts of France. In French, the name translates as "flower of salt." It's delicate, flaky, and perfect for adding to dishes just before serving them!

  • Delicate and subtle taste
  • Traditional French product
  • Product of France

Fleur de sel is salty, of course, although it has a high moisture content and retains a certain briny flavor from the sea. It's a delicate, almost flaky salt. Additionally, this moisture content encourages the salt crystals to stick together on your tongue, causing the flavor to be perceived more intensely