French Sweet Nougat Bar
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French Sweet Nougat Bar


This Sweet Nougat Bar with Almonds and Candied Fruit brings together a crispiness with the almond and a smooth and mellow texture of Nougat, along with the intense taste of candied fruits.
100 g

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The Sweet Nougat Bar is one of the tiniest French treasures that you can find, wrapped up in a sweet perfume for your enjoyment and pleasure.

The French nougat bars are known to have been produced since 1880 by master confectioners who combine almonds, nuts and candied fruit in sublime harmony.

Almonds and candied fruit brings together a crispiness with the almond and a smooth and mellow texture of Nougat, along with an intense taste.

Treat yourself or your relatives well with the perfect gift idea, the first ever created treat!

  • Made in France
  • Made without coloring, palm oil or hydrogenated fat
  • The perfect treat
  • Made with Fresh Ingredients

The origin of nougat would come, based on the etymology of the word, from the Latin nux gatum: a cake made from honey and nuts. Made by the Romans, it would have been brought in Gaul to settle in Montélimar. Nux gatum would have become a nougo in Provençal.

In fact, the first recipes for white nougat come from a 10th century Arab book from Baghdad. The nougat is then called nãtif. One of these recipes indicates that the nãtif comes from Harran, a town located between Urfa in southern Turkey today and Aleppo in Syria today.

Phoenicians trading on the Mediterranean Sea spread the recipe to Turkey, and further north to the shores of Greece, Italy, Spain. In the Middle Ages, we learned how to make white nougat in the South of France and throughout Provence.

Montélimar nougat, a Provençal delicacy par excellence, is one of the thirteen desserts traditionally offered on the Provençal Christmas table.

The one they prefer is the Nougat Chabert and Guillot! Real nougat from Montélimar. A century and a half of tradition and nearly five generations to sublimate it. The ancestor Alexander, had opened his first confectionery there in 1848. In his nougat, he took only the best: a handful of beautiful almonds, a touch of honey and a hint of vanilla. This requirement remained. Later, his grandson, Charles Chabert, became associated with his brother-in-law, Henri Guillot. Both are determined to give a new dimension to the small Montilian factory. Place therefore to audacity and ingenuity. They invest in the «Hive d'or» and its factory opposite the Montélimar station. The time is for paid holidays and the influx of holidaymakers. The small business prospered and gave them wings. As true pioneers, they and their descendants Pierre and Didier Chabert will invent new products such as the famous Crème de nougat; they will never cease to surprise our taste buds with happiness. But also, they will travel the nougat around the world. Today, Chabert and Guillot products are the «reference» of nougat, and everywhere we love it. This delicious taste awakens the taste buds, awakens the memories, immerses us in the sweetness of the holidays. Come on, tell us about these little gourmet moments!